bride groom entrance

A video which has stirred massive reactions online shows the moment a bride and groom made a spectacular entrance into their wedding in a Mercedes Benz GLC-Coupe.

The couple took the wedding entrance to another level by storming the location in the white flashy ride. The car that carried the bride and groom was seen being lifted from the ground as smoke was given off to lend the entrance a more dramatic air.

Immediately attendees sighted the car coming up, the screamed excitedly at the spectacular car the bride and groom sat comfortably in.

The groom stepped down from the car and proceeded to opening the passenger door for the bride to also disembark, as they moved to their allotted position in the reception hall.


bride groom entrance

See Netizens’ reactions …

144 said: “Most Congolese thing ever.”

Lamanor said: “We can’t divorce after this entrance.”

Musu said: “You can tell it was the grooms idea!” Tats said: “How extra I’m Trynna be!” Laurian20 said: “Congolese weddings are something else.

STAYBREEZYNIKKI_ wondered: “How much this wedding cost?” KEWACO said: “I so much love Congolese, they are class like Nigerians in their doings.”

Jainaba Njie685 said: “Bruh Congolese people are just too lit, can’t keep up.”

Nanaa said: “Soon they will enter the room with plane, it’s not better.”

Watch video below …



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