Emeka Nnadi's family was alongside him as the park sign was revealed. [Photo Credit: Joanne Roberts, CityNews]

There was lots of excitement in the air as Nigerian-Canadian, architect Emeka Nnadi, had a park named after him in Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba in the North American country.

Nnadi is an accomplished architect who left his mark in Nigeria and the United States.

He also played a key role in the creation and design of the Bridgewater neighbourhood in the south end of Winnipeg.

In recognition of his contribution to the city, the organisation of Africans in Winnipeg South Association unveiled a park on Saturday, June 15, 2024, named after Nnadi.

The event brought together many members of the community to the new park, including Mayor Scott Gillingham, and city councillors Janice Lukes and Markus Chambers.

Also in attendance were colleagues, clients, wife, children and other relatives of the Nigerian-born architect whom he said have helped him in his journey.

In a clip from the event that made it to social media, attendees could be heard screaming ‘Igbo Kwenu,’ a universal greeting that cuts across all Igbo nations.


Screams of 'Igbo kwenu' rend the air as Canadian city names park after Nigerian


Nnadi makes history in Canada

Nnadi goes into the history book as the first Nigerian-Canadian to have a park named after him in the province of Manitoba.

“I’ve been working on Bridgwater for 20 years. Yeah, it’s been 20 years from the initial inception of the concept and I didn’t do any of it expecting this as one of the outcomes of it. So I’m quite humbled by this recognition,” the architect stated.

Acknowledging the support of his associates and family, Nnadi said, “If we’re going to celebrate and commemorate my contributions to the neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, I think it’s important for me to celebrate the many other individuals who also played significant roles in making this a reality.


Screams of 'Igbo kwenu' rend the air as Canadian city names park after Nigerian


Nigerian community turns up for Nnadi

Leaders from the Nigerian community also graced the event.

Africanad founder and the event’s emcee, Ayodele Odeyemi, highlighted the significance of Nnadi being honoured in Winnipeg’s south end, as it has a large and growing Nigerian community, per City News.

“Many immigrants comes to a country like Canada and they try to find their feet, looking for where their story could be told … It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and this will make a lot of new immigrants, especially Nigerian immigrants, very proud,” Odeyemi said.



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