What exactly is her Crime? She did not cause any accident - Uche Ogbodo defends movie producer Adanma Luke

Actress Uche Ogbodo has come out to defend embattled movie producer, Adanma Luke.


In a post she shared on her Instagram page this morning, Uche asked what Adanma’s offence is with regards to the boat mishap that claimed the life of actor Jnr Pope and four others. While arguing that Adanma did not cause the accident, Uche said she had seen a video of Adanma also in a boat without wearing a life jacket.


Uche’s post reads;


To all the people Calling on the Police to Arrest this woman, pls What exactly is her Crime?


She is just a young woman hustling hard to stay above water. To help her family.


ADANMA DID NOT CAUSE THE ACCIDENT! She Even Risked her Own life , I saw where she entered the boat without Life Jacket too . It could have been her boat also that crashed .


She was only a Victim of Circumstance by Being the Producer of the job where we Lost own Star Boy . A Legend @jnrpope .May his Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace Amen 😭🙏🏽 .




Let’s not forget Ada is a Mother also , so she knows and appreciates other peoples Children , She Adopted 3 Children she is Raising as a Single woman plus her new born Son Ife.

She is a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend to Me , to Jnr Pope and to Many others .


She is a Very Kind Person. She would Never Wish what happened to Jnr Pope On anyone.


Pls you people should leave her alone!


She hasn’t been herself ever since the accident and hasn’t been able to nurture her 3 months old baby ever since the accident.


Nigerians Please Forgive Her , she ment Well when she gave Jnr the Job and paid him .


This was just an unfortunate Accident that has Broken All our Hearts .


Pls Tamper Justice with Mercy .”

Many Nigerians have called for the arrest of Adanma who is the producer of the movie Jnr Pope and the four others were working on before they died in a boat mishap. They were commuting on a boat back to Asaba from the movie set when they had the boat accident. Some Nigerians have argued that Adanma should have provided each cast and crew meant to use the boat with a life jacket after video evidence showed Jnr Pope and many others on the boat did not wear a life jacket.

What exactly is her Crime? She did not cause any accident - Uche Ogbodo defends movie producer Adanma Luke



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