An Italian woman spends a fortune to look like a cat [Instagram/AydinMod Chiara Dell'Abate]

Italian, Chiara Dell Abate is very popular on social media, all because of her unusual appearance.

A young woman, identified as Chiara Dell’Abate, loves cats so much that she decided to become like them.

“To achieve the perfect feline look, I will need an eye lift or canthoplasty – an operation that will allow me to obtain more elongated, almond-shaped eyes – reshaping my teeth and trimming my upper lip,” Dell’Abate told La Zanzara in an interview.

The Italian has already undergone over 20 surgeries, but she’s not done.

Chiara Dell’Abate never ceases to surprise. On her social media accounts, she boasts about subsequent photos of her transformation into a cat woman. The Italian has already undergone over 20 surgeries. This includes nostril flares, lip piercings, forked tongues, nipple removal and eye tattoos.

“I cut my tongue in half and removed my belly button,” the 23-year-old revealed in an interview with La Zanzara.

Chiara doesn’t intend to stop and is planning further treatments.



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