Meet the Woman who identifies as a dog, has a handler and sleeps in a crate (video)

A woman has revealed how she enjoys sleeping in a crate, pooping outdoors and being rewarded with doggy biscuits for good behavior.


Meow Dalyn, na online streamer , says she happily assumes the carefree life of a dog because it makes her feel more human.


“My name is Meow like a cat, but I am a dog,” the pink-haired pup-woman, from the US, explained to hosts of Australian radio broadcast The Kyle & Jackie O Show


Donning a pair of faux dog ears and a collar, Dalyn, who refers to herself as “dog girl” and “e-puppy,” said she identifies as a dog and has fully immersed herself into the doggy lifestyle even when it comes to events that bedroom events that happen at night.


“I have pastel blankets and pastel pillows in there,” Dalyn added of the dog cage she sleeps in each evening.

“Something about being in a confined space, I don’t know if it makes me feel safe from the world or makes me feel like the world is safe from me, but it feels comfort for sure!.”


Meet the Woman who identifies as a dog, has a handler and sleeps in a crate (video)


Dalyn who plays games of fetch and gnaws on bones, said she began embracing her big dog energy after becoming an independent adult.


“The wonder that comes with play and just being enchanted with life around you is a beautiful thing,” she said. “I’m not sure if I ever put two and two together that I had to stop that whenever I became an adult.”


Meet the Woman who identifies as a dog, has a handler and sleeps in a crate (video)
Meet the Woman who identifies as a dog, has a handler and sleeps in a crate (video)


“I figured that once I make my own money and pay my own rent, then I can extra do anything I want — and I wanted to be a dog!”




Dalyn enjoys the company of others who freely indulge in her doggy habit


“I have handlers,” the wild woman explained when asked if she had a boyfriend. “[They’re] kind of like dog trainers.”


“They feed me, they take me on walks, we practice training, which is one of my favorite things, because I get treats,” she said, adding that her snacks are often shredded chicken, biscuits and jerky.


She also claims to incorporate actual dog food into her diet, saying she and her team of three handlers often add bone broth and other human ingredients to spice up the otherwise “bland” meals.


“It’s funny I don’t have to pay anyone to spend time with me,” said the cosplayer, adding that she doesn’t have a sexual relationship with the handlers. Instead, she simply considers her assistants to be friends who share her interest in puppy play.


“The dog side of me is an everyday lifestyle,” she explained. “So I find myself not needing that in the bedroom at all.”

“I believe there is a primal animal inside of everybody,” she said. “It’s part of our humanity.”

“Acknowledging my primal, animalistic [side] almost makes me feel more human.”

“I don’t find myself focusing on other people and their reactions toward me because I’m so in the moment of just chasing the ball, being the dog,” Dalyn said of the shock her antics receive when she’s publicly living as a puppy.

“I want to sit and perform for whoever is my focus.”


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