The company called for the reviews on its X (formerly Twitter) handle on Sunday.



Many Nigerian tweeps have knocked Erisco Foods Limited for inviting members of the public to review and share their thoughts on four of its products they have used.

The company called for the reviews on its X (formerly Twitter) handle on Sunday.


Erisco Foods which took to their official X handle, posted four products – Instant Ginger Drink, Tomato Paste, Fat Filled Milk Powder and Ric-Giko and asked Nigerians to share their thoughts about them.


The company tweeted: “Which of these Erisco Foods Products have you tried, share your thoughts with us. #eriscofoods”




SaharaReporters reported in September 2023 how the Nigeria Police Force arrested a woman, Chioma Okoli for claiming that a tomato paste she bought in a market tasted sugary.


The paste, Nagiko tomato mix, is manufactured by Erisco Foods Limited, Lagos.


The woman, Chioma Okoli, made the comment in a post on her Facebook page on September 17, 2023.


Ms Okoli who goes by the name, Chioma Egodi Jnr, on Facebook, said she had gone to the market on 16 September to buy Gino or Sonia brand of tomato paste but could not find them.


She said she later bought the Nagiko tomato mix which she had planned to use to make stew.


“When I opened it, I decided to taste it, Omo! Sugar is just too much!” she wrote.


In the post, she urged other Facebook users to confirm if they had used the product before, apparently to ascertain if they had similar experiences.


The food company later got her arrested and charged. Currently, she is facing prosecution for reviewing the product.


However, the tweet has generated negative reactions on X as users have expressed fear that they might equally be arrested like Chioma if they share their honest and sincere assessment of the products.

@Ishow_leck responded that their brand lost some customers when the company arrested Chioma for reviewing their product on Facebook.


The tweep wrote: “Your brand lost some audience and customers from the very first time you arrested the first negative reviews on your brand the reviews that was meant to help your brand improve better and win more market.


“Aside from that, why did you delete the initial tweets when you know you can’t handle criticism?”




@iamgr8nesss said: “You missed a golden opportunity to announce and solidify your brand to the entire world.”





@lord_OboteAyo said he might get arrested if he shared his thoughts.


He wrote: “Scared to share thoughts. Might get arrested. Even if I make my reviews simple.”





@EwaAdejoke stated: “Instead of arresting people why not use that time to work on your product?? Did you see people dragging Gino ??”





@salvohams wrote: “You people are looking for more Chioma to arrest, I have never tried any of those products and I don’t have intention of trying them out, neither will my family members have intension of trying those products.”





@EMPRESS_TOMI said: “I haven’t had any of your product and I won’t ever buy with my money. This comment shouldn’t get me arrested but what do I know.”




@MayorOfWarri007 wrote: “If someone share something you don’t like, what will be the customer fate. Prison, you know that. You ain’t going to get review here. I ain’t going to buy your product”.



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