22-year-old woman left with

A young British mother has been left in agony with dying nipples from a botched boob job.

Chloe Rose, 22, who lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire, went under the knife in Turkey after paying £2,800 for a breast uplift.


22-year-old woman left with

The mother-of-one woke from the four-hour surgery to find the operation had gone ‘severely wrong’.


22-year-old woman left with

According to Mail Online, friends with Chloe in Istanbul claim surgeons took too much skin from her breasts leading to a loss of circulation to her nipples, causing necrosis, the death of body tissue.

Her family and friends have launched a GoFundMe appeal to fly Chloe back to England for treatment after she was allegedly told to pay to stay in the Turkish hospital, where doctors have said to have denied negligence.

22-year-old woman left with
Friend Rachel Mucha, 22, who is in Istanbul with Chloe, told MailOnline:


‘Chloe wanted to feel good and better about herself. She hated the way her boobs looked so she booked an operation in Turkey, where it’s much cheaper than the UK.

22-year-old woman left with

‘We flew out on Monday and she had the operation on Tuesday.

‘The doctors said the operation went fine but when Chloe came around she was screaming in agony – she knew her body didn’t feel right.

22-year-old woman left with

‘She’s been left with nipple necrosis where her nipples are dying. Now, we are stuck in a foreign country unsure of what to do.

‘The doctor kept telling us ‘it’s fine’ but it isn’t fine. Chloe is in agony – she feels like she’s going to die.



22-year-old woman left with
‘We left the hospital because we couldn’t afford to stay.

We want to fly home but we don’t know if she will be allowed.’


22-year-old woman left with

Chloe’s friends shared graphic images on social media of her breasts after her operation. They show her nipple tissue turning black due to a lack of blood flow.


Sister Collette Pickering said the operation went ‘severely wrong’.

She wrote: ‘Can anyone give us advice or find us some help?

‘We are in Turkey and Chloe had a breast uplift – since surgery her nipples have lost blood circulation and died.

‘The doctors have never admitted to a problem the whole way through they’ve just said everything is normal.

‘They have undone her stitches with a blade, wide awake, no pain relief as I watched and left her with open wounds for 48 hours.’

Collette said medics ‘partially restitched’ Chloe’s nipples but added: ‘They are dying more as the hours go by.

‘They are now discharging her and If she wants to stay she must pay extra.

‘They have a duty of care, she paid all that money for a safe operation and has been left to basically die.’

She added: ‘Everything is just normal according to them.

‘I’ve never seen anyone so young look so unwell in my life.

‘The surgery should have taken 45 minutes, it took five hours. It should have been so simple.

22-year-old woman left with

‘My sister came out in shock where she was convulsing on the bed. From that point on it was all downhill.’


Chloe’s family said the operation was booked via Instagram with a company with ‘five star reviews’.


22-year-old woman left with

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