Dopamine levels rise to such an extent when a person is “in love,” giving the encounter an almost unearthly quality. They feel as though they are on top of the world and that no one can touch them, especially when the feeling is mutual. However, sometimes it could just be lust or infatuation that passes quickly without developing into love. You and the other person will avoid heartache by being aware of the differences between these two emotions.

1. You become anxious and want to be with them constantly.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


No matter what you do at that time, as long as you are with them, you want to be with them constantly. You strive to stay in touch with them as frequently as you can by calling, texting, and in general finding ways to do so. Even after spending the entire evening together, you can feel as though there wasn’t enough time. Additionally, since you get to spend time with them, you don’t mind whether they are moody or depressed.

Additionally, each time you meet with them, you feel anxious, and your heart beats loudly and quickly. You want to know how they feel about you if you haven’t yet stated “I love you.” Additionally, you are concerned about your future and the future of the relationship. You can’t know the answer to the riddle; therefore it keeps you anxious all the time.

2. You constantly consider them, which is exciting.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


When you are at work, home alone, or out with pals, your brain recalls them and your memories together. Together, you look at your photos often, and you don’t stop chatting with your loved ones about them. They are your first priority, and if they are having a difficult day, you want to be there for them and do anything you can to make things better. Additionally, you think about how wonderful it would be for your group to meet them.

Even though you have done something a million times, everything looks so novel and thrilling that you are eager to try anything with them. Simply because you want to spend time with them, you might even go do something you hate but they adore. Things that used to be dull for you now seem intriguing and engaging because of the love you feel for them.

3. You feel safe in your connection and find it quite natural.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


When we say that a relationship “comes easy,” we mean that making time for one another isn’t difficult. Even if you don’t have much time, you find it just because you want to visit the other person. Since you prioritise your relationship over your ego and pride, you find solutions to resolve conflicts even when you disagree or argue. All you want is to be with that person, so it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the fight.

Additionally, you experience a sense of safety and heart-felt trust with them. Even if you’ve just had a terrible day at work, seeing them will definitely make your tensions calm down.

4. You get a bit jealous of other people in their lives.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


It’s normal to feel a little envious when you see other people with your love interest and wonder what kind of connection they share. And it’s acceptable to inquire about the identities and backgrounds of particular individuals. They can be merely a casual acquaintance for your loved one, or they might be someone really important. They shouldn’t view everyone in their immediate vicinity as a danger.

However, you should be concerned if your jealousy exceeds that healthy threshold and you begin spying on their phone or stalking them. This conduct is extremely poisonous and can cause serious issues in the relationship. You can’t always be aware of your partner’s whereabouts.

5. You want them to meet your family and friends.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


It is very normal to want to introduce your new partner to your friends and family when a relationship is genuine and mature. You want to share this time of your life with the individuals who have always supported you since everything feels so wonderful to you. Additionally, you value their perspective and want them to accept the new addition to your life.

6. You have compassion and empathy for them.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


You feel for your lover whenever they are truly pleased or unhappy when there is true love between you two. Even if you are not feeling the same way, you will feel happy for them when something wonderful occurs. This is the degree of emotional closeness and connection that only unadulterated love can produce. You want to do everything you can to support them when they’re ill and aid in their rapid recovery.

7. You develop a stronger affection for them.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


The most natural thing between two individuals who want and love each other is to be affectionate with them. Whether you are at home or in public, it doesn’t matter.

Any way you can, you just want to touch them. Simply holding hands, playing with their hair, or petting their cheeks might be considered basic acts of affection. After spending some time together, if you find that you no longer desire to do any of those things, it was definitely just exhilaration and not true love.

8. You make big plans for the future.


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


When you consistently include a plus one in your plans for pretty much everything, it is true love. We don’t mean to imply that you should follow your partner’s instructions, but rather that you want them to participate in the majority of your decisions. You want them to attend your family events, travel with you, and settle in the same place as you when they graduate from college. Making snap judgments that can eventually lead to the termination of your relationship is harder for you now.

BONUS: When it’s lust, not love


8 Ways to Know If You Truly Love Someone


  • Although physical attraction to your partner is crucial, when that is the only thing there is, it cannot be true love. It feels more physical than emotional. One day, all of that intense attraction will dissipate, and there won’t be anything more compelling holding you two together.
  • A person’s shortcomings are a deal-breaker for you when you have an idealised vision of the person you are dating in your mind. They are not flawless, and you cannot accept that you will have to put up with them just as they put up with your shortcomings.
  • Things are happening way too quickly; true love frequently takes time to emerge, whereas passion frequently seems to be moving at 200 miles per hour.
  • Apart from the physical side of your relationship, there isn’t anything to talk about that would make you two closer.
  • You opt to shove your troubles under the surface and go on, as opposed to addressing the root of the issue.
  • The interest is soon waning once that initial thrill of excitement passes, you realise you don’t really feel anything and were only thinking about the physical aspect of your connection.
  • You frequently go days without speaking to one another since you don’t feel the need to do so when you don’t have much to discuss. Due to the fact that the relationship is solely carnal, you also don’t want to discuss your daily troubles.

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