Should you feed another woman's man? [VivaNaija]

A problematic discussion began online about whether a woman should send food to a male friend who is married or dating.

While others pointed out that she should not do that, others felt there was nothing wrong with it.

There are many ways this could play out, it is either you order food for someone’s boyfriend or husband or you cook for them and bring it to their home.

Cooking for your single male friend might be an act of kindness and buying food for them is a sweet gesture but all these changes when they have a woman in their life. She should be the one taking care of him, not you. She should be number one.

Female friends shouldn’t send food to their male friends in relationships except in some instances, here’s why;

1. Cooking for a man or anybody is an act of service

It doesn’t mean you are going to steal someone’s man but let’s be honest when we get gifts we feel happy, food even hits differently because imagine you are starving and someone offers you food, you feel so grateful, that indebtedness is not necessary.

2. If his woman will not be happy, then don’t do it

Think of it, would the girlfriend or wife be happy to know you are sending her man food or bringing it to his house?

3. Respect the boundaries of people’s relationships

If you are both single, it is okay if you want to take care of each other, but he isn’t single and that means he is not your responsibility. If anyone needs to take care of him that is his wife or girlfriend.

When is it okay to feed your friend who is in a relationship or married?

  1. When you are co-workers and you offer to pay for his lunch. That does not raise so much suspicion especially when it is not an everyday occurrence but if you live at Mile 12 and you are delivering food to Ikoyi – rest.
  2. When he asks for it and you are up to it. “Hey, Jane can I get some of some sweet egusi soup?” See, in that case, he asked for it and you can decide to do it.
  3. When you are a caterer and he orders food from you. Then, it is business.
  4. When his girlfriend is okay with you being their resident chef, then I guess it is okay.

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