Looks like Don Jazzy doesn?t care for BBL as he says skinny people have a*s and theirs are even softer (video)

Music executive, Don Jazzy, has made a case for skinny women who most people presume not to have big bum.


While speaking in a recent interview, Don Jazzy said that skinny women have big butt and that theirs are even softer. He went on to say that women with massive butt interfere with intercourse especially for people like him that has a big belly.


‘’You will just be feeling like lepa (Skinny) people do not have ass. There is ass there.  Actually it is even softer. What do you want to do with the rest of the this thing? It is just long…especially now that I am getting bigger, my belly is big. If your ass is big and we are doing doggy, it is just out of the place”

Watch a video of him speaking below…


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