House of Representatives rejects Samoa agreement, calls for suspension pending clarification of controversial clauses

The House of Representatives has rejected the Samoa agreement, requesting the Federal Government to suspend its implementation until all controversial clauses are clarified.


This decision came after adopting a motion of urgent public importance by Rep. Aliyu Sani Madaki (NNPP, Kano) and 80 others during the Plenary on Tuesday, July 9.


Madaki highlighted concerns about a clause on gender equality, describing it as a “Trojan horse” that could undermine the country’s moral values.


House Minority Leader Rep. Kingsley Chinda (PDP, Rivers) criticized the lack of parliamentary involvement in the signing process, which has sparked public controversy. He expressed concern over the secrecy surrounding the agreement’s details.


House Chief Whip Rep. Usman Bello Kumo (APC, Gombe) affirmed that the House would not support any agreements that conflict with Nigerian beliefs, norms, and culture.


The House has decided to investigate the agreement thoroughly. The motion was adopted and referred to the relevant committees for further legislative action.

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