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We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Position: Warehouse Controller

Job Requisition ID: 30066635
Job Location: Onitsha, Anambra
Employment Type: Full-time

Key Purpose

  • The key purpose of this role is to implement and uphold ABInBev safety standards.
  • Manage the Inventory and Warehousing function so that customer service levels can be optimized and that benchmarked productivity standards are met. Implement standard operating processes in line with DPO standards. Manage VLC, ZBB and FLC budgets in line with annual flexed targets.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
Warehouse Management:

  • Ensure compliance to 5’s Standard within and around Warehouse Operation and show results evolution
  • Cascade all Global policies and ensure compliance to them
  • Implement and design the management cycle e.g. Business Descriptions, SLA’s, Process Maps, kpi Indicators and ensure compliance with all warehouse staff and show results evolution
  • Develop and continuously validate SOP’s through management routines by using tools and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees (LnA,SCL OWD)
  • Cascade KPI’s and PI’s to individual warehouse employee level, standardise the KPI/PI achievements and monitor individual targets
  • Ensure adherence to best practice generation process and execute approved projects and show result evolution
  • Team rooms managed and updated through routine meetings to solve problems and drive performance
  • Develop and maintain MCRS/MCL routines and track adherence there off
  • Use problem solving tools e.g. 5 WHY, Abnormality Reports, SIC, OPLs, RACI’s, OWD’s, PDCA’s, etc. to develop action plans to show improvement on PI’s and KPI’s
  • Make use of GOP’s linked to warehouse Kpi’s and insure 75% score is achieved
  • Utilise GAPA and PDCA for chronic abnormality’s and execute actions derived from analysis.


  • Ensure daily compliance of inventory counts
  • Ensure compliance to inventory policy and use management tools to close gaps
  • Ensure compliance to Quality Policy and use management tools to close gaps
  • Manage the process on how to destroy and write off obsolete product in compliance with legal/environmental requirements
  • Identify the root cause of inventory count variances and put action plans in place through problem solving tools to improve the Inventory accuracy KPI
  • Reduce Supply Chain Overheads through the utilisation of problem-solving tools and management of stock age KPI’s
  • Track and trend all operating variances within in the warehouse and utilise management tools to improve results.

Layout Implementation:

  • Ensure adherence to the layout in line of certain warehouse activities e.g. Empties zone; Refusal zone; Order Picking zone; Repack zone; Finished Goods zone
  • Track and manage warehouse management tools to ensure ABC compliance
  • Trough MCL routine track compliance to all safety related processes within the warehouse
  • Track and trend ABC compliance to realise warehouse efficiencies, Time and Motion studies and show Results evolution.

Loading & Unloading Activities:

  • Track loading/unloading productivity and show results evolution
  • Implement and monitor load scheduling
  • Utilise Management tools to diagnose and address route cause
  • Ensure load verification is taking place for departure and returns on T1 and T2.

Improve Quality Standards:

  • Manage, track and trend:
    • Warehouse cleanliness
    • Pest control schedule adherence
    • Cross contamination from non-food grade chemicals
    • Daily temperature control
    • Product exposure.
  • Ensure 75% Compliance to the Global Warehouse GOP
  • Implement and adhere to a Location-Based Inventory System to identify stored product
  • Execute Action Plan to address the Stock Age Index KPI
  • Track and trend %HL near to be blocked as a PI
  • Ensure adherence to blocking standards on non-conforming inventory
  • Track, trend and manage sorting processes to reduce MBFU% and to improve sorting productivity by utilising management tools
  • Track and trend broken cases by operator, picker and sorter to develop action plan to improve total breakage costs
  • Create a quality induction programme and ensure 100% compliance on training to warehouse staff
  • Track, trend and manage the distribution returns policy to ensure alignment with the quality policy
  • Track, trend and manage repacking operation to conform to quality standards and to improve repacking productivity.

Picking Standards:

  • Ensure adherence to the standardised picking process and ensure compliance through management routines that ensure a safe and productive process
  • Ensure Picking area has a productive ergonomic layout that allows zero-man machine interactions
  • Create and monitor picking KPI’s/Pi’s Cas/Per man Hour, Replenishment adherence.

Sorting Standards:

  • Sorting Guideline adherence & targets met – Sorting resources planned; trained & quality bottle sorting performed. Random bottle sorting inspection performed daily, gaps
  • Identified & action plans implemented
  • Ensure sorting area has a productive ergonomic layout that allows zero-man machine interactions
  • Create and monitor sorting KPI’s/Pi’s CA’s/Per man Hour ,show positive brewery MBFU evolution.

Safe Warehouse Practises:

  • Ensure & maintain a safe warehouse operation driving awareness and compliance to all the relevant safety blocks.

Productivity & Capacity Managed:

  • Ensure 75% Compliance to the Warehouse Labour Productivity GOP to improve the KPI
  • Design and maintain sizing simulator to address optimal labour and equipment resourcing
  • Allocate and assign labour activities utilising the SKAP tool
  • Develop and Manage the Warehouse Capacity Utilisation model to improve Warehouse efficiency
  • Implement and manage waste plan and recycling operation by type of material: paper/carton, plastic by type: PET, PS, PP etc., metal – aluminium, iron, etc., glass, food remains, other types, unrecyclable
  • Manage TCT and there are actions plans visible to improve it and it is also measured in Loading/Unloading and Replenishment.


  • 3-year of relevant diploma/degree
  • 3+ years of Warehouse and or logistics experience advantageous
  • Highly level computer user (MS Office, Oasis, Handheld devices)
  • SAP proficient
  • Good interpersonal skills / builds good relationships
  • Superior planning ability
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good verbal and communication skills
  • Good self-management practices.

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