• Primarily focused on construction.
  • The funds will underpin initiatives aiming to enhance local talent development and welcome overseas professionals.
  • At its heart is the Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP), designed to inject fresh talent into the industry, benefiting companies and international recruits alike.

Golden Opportunity
If you decide to make the leap, a generous $10,000 relocation package awaits you, ensuring a seamless transition. Bring along your loved ones.

Plus, nothing like IELTS and financial proofs. Whether you’re a graduate or not, this is your chance!

Transformative Measures with CVSP

While investments are being made to equip locals for future roles, there’s an immediate need to retain skilled migrants in WA and welcome expertise from outside.

The freshly launched CVSP steps in to aid Western Australian construction firms in sourcing the talent they require.

Grantees can expect up to $10,000 to smoothen their migration journey, covering agent fees, visa processes, and relocation expenses.

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Win-Win for Employers and Global Talent

Companies that enroll in CVSP can expect financial aids of up to $10,000 for every international professional they onboard, alleviating recruitment and training costs and ensuring a talented team.

Meanwhile, foreign experts eyeing opportunities in Western Australia’s construction realm can reap the benefits of the CVSP, integrating into a dynamic industry with notable incentives.

Seeking Benefits Through ‘Seek’

‘Seek’, a leading digital job portal, has collaborated with the Western Australian Government to streamline the bridge between companies and potential CVSP beneficiaries.

This integration provides easy access to the program’s fiscal aids, marking a futuristic approach to problem-solving within the industry.

CVSP: A Game-Changer for Western Australia’s Construction

The CVSP symbolizes a monumental shift in the region’s building and construction paradigm. Along with addressing workforce challenges, it embodies the government’s proactive approach, indicating a bright trajectory for Western Australia’s construction arena, with benefits ripe for both companies and professionals.

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