Supermodel Tyra Banks reveals she had her first alcoholic drink to celebrate her 50th birthday

Supermodel and TV personality, Tyra Banks has revealed that she had her first alcoholic drink to celebrate her 50th birthday.


In an interview with People, the model said she wanted to try new things and also wanted to be her most authentic self as she celebrated her big milestone birthday which was in December.


She said she spent her special day enjoying a seaplane adventure with her mom and best friend in Australia, where they enjoyed a meal and an alcoholic beverage.


Describing how she felt, Tyra said the booze left her underwhelmed. She added “It wasn’t worth it. I was like, ‘This is nasty!’”


Tyra famously has chosen to live a sober lifestyle, having previously avoided drugs and alcohol throughout her career and even now at age 50, it seems she’s continuing on that path.


Now, Tyra did once say she tried a little taste of alcohol when she was 12 but she hasn’t touched a drop of it until now.


On what it feels like turning 50, she said;


“I thought I would have little glasses and just have a quilt on my lap and watch soap operas all day. I was wrong. What my life is like now is totally different than what I thought. I’m poppin’. I am not insecure about myself. It feels real good.”


The American supermodel now lives in Australia, where she works and lives with her boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin and son York Banks Asla, who she welcomed via surrogacy in 2016.

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