Foods that cause gas


Certain foods cause gas. It is usually a result of breaking down of food in the stomach or swallowing air.
More or less in today’s everybody has mild or major gas-related health issues. However, according to experts by adopting a balanced diet, we can alleviate some discomfort and embarrassment caused by it.
Here are some foods that cause gas:

• Whole grains
Fiber and starch are broken down in the large intestine which leads to the formation of gas. Whole grains like bread and oats contain these substances whereas rice does not cause gas.

• Onions
Onions contain fructose which releases gas while being broken down by bacteria in the intestines. So, by taking a smaller number of onions the probability of gas can be addressed to some extent.

• Processed foods
Processed foods such as frozen foods and snacks contain high amounts of fructose and lactose which lead to the formation of gas.

• Dairy products
Dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice cream contain lactose which is hard for some people to digest. This is due to their lack of lactase enzyme which helps in digesting lactose.

• Specific vegetables
Certain vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower contain complex sugars like raffinose which cause excess gas when broken down.

• Beans
Beans also contain raffinose which leads to gas.

• Fruits
Fruits contain sorbitol, which is a natural sugar alcohol, and soluble fiber. When these are digested, they produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas.

• Sodas
Sodas force you to swallow air which comes out either in the form of burping or gas.
One must keep in mind that people’s bodies react differently to different foods and dietary changes must be made considering your well-being.

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