Turkey comes out top as Nigeria

Turkish people are the most promiscuous in the world, a new data compilation has revealed.


Turkish citizens have 14.5 partners on average, despite being a traditional Muslim practising country, according to researchers at World Population Review.

Figures compiled by the non-profit research firm analyzed the average number of partners in 46 countries.

The US, often seen as a nation with loose views on sexuality and morality, didn’t make it to the top 10 while Nigeria didn’t make the top 20. The US took 12th place, with Americans having 10.7 partners on average.

The researchers found that most people around the globe have nine partners in their lifetime.

Australia and New Zealand came in second and third behind Turkey – with 13.3 and 13.2 partners, respectively.

And the UK came in surprisingly low, in the 21st spot, with Brits having sex with roughly 9.8 people throughout their lifetimes.


South Africa came in fifth, Making it the only African country on the top 21 list.

The findings come amid reports that Gen Z is having less sex than previous generations, which could be due to more of these adults living and working at home and steering clear of alcohol.

The findings were based solely on respondents’ accounts of their own sexual history, meaning it is possible they may over or underestimate.

China and Slovakia followed closely behind India as nations with the least amount of sexual partners.


The researchers noted this could be due to many of India’s 1.4 billion residents following strict dating and marriage rules, such as arranged marriage and no pre-marital sex.


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Turkey comes out top as Nigeria

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