Usher talks about his experience at Diddy?s New York mansion when he was just 14 (video)

R n B singer, Usher claims he saw “very curious about things taking place” at the New York mansion of record producer and entertainment executive, Diddy aka P.Diddy when he was sent to live with him for a year at the age of just 14.


In a resurfaced 2016 interview, Usher
asked Howard Stein “Do you understand what that’s like?” in reference to being sent to “Puffy Flavor Camp” to “see the lifestyle” in the ’90s.


Stern responded that he expected “the place was filled with chicks and orgying nonstop, right?”


Usher talks about his experience at Diddy?s New York mansion when he was just 14 (video)

Usher, now 45, initially responded “Not really” before adding: “I got a chance to see some things … I don’t know if I could indulge and even understand what I was looking at.”

“It was pretty wild. It was crazy. There were very curious things taking place and I didn’t necessarily understand it,” he said, adding that he felt like a little brother during the time he spent with Diddy.

Asked whether he would send his own kids to Puffy Flavor Camp, Usher exclaimed: “Hell no!”





The interview resurfaced and is raising eyebrows after Diddy’s properties in LA and Miami were raided by federal agents investigating a sex-trafficking operation on Monday.

The raids come amid at least four lawsuits recently filed against Diddy, including allegations of assault and human trafficking, all of which he has denied.

In February, he was sued by former male employee Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who accused the hitmaker of sexual assault while working on his 2023 album “The Love Album: Off the Grid.”

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