5 Centre-backs Who Have Yet to Be Dribbled Past in the 2023/24 Champions League Season


The Champions League has had its fair share of remarkable defenders this season.

In the high-stakes arena of the UEFA Champions League, defensive solidity is paramount. Keeping attackers at bay requires skill, anticipation, and impeccable timing.

Amidst the thrills and spills of Europe’s premier club competition, a select group of center-backs have distinguished themselves by not being dribbled past thus far in the tournament.

Axel Witsel – Atletico Madrid

Belgian centre-back Axel Witsel has been a defensive stalwart for Atletico Madrid in this season’s Champions League campaign.

With three attempted tackles, Witsel has maintained a flawless record, winning all three challenges. His unwavering defensive prowess has been instrumental in Atletico’s quest for European glory.

Andre Ramalho – PSV

Brazilian defender Andre Ramalho has emerged as a formidable presence at the heart of PSV’s defense. He is the only one guaranteed to end the Champions League campaign without getting dribbled following PSV’s elimination from the competition.

With five attempted tackles in the Champions League, Ramalho has displayed impeccable defensive instincts, winning all five duels. His commanding performances have bolstered PSV’s backline and instilled confidence within the team.

Milan Skriniar – Paris Saint-Germain

Slovakian center-back Milan Skriniar has been a rock-solid presence for Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League. With eight attempted tackles, Skriniar has yet to be dribbled past, winning all eight challenges.

His commanding presence and astute positioning have been vital in PSG’s defensive efforts in Europe’s premier club competition.

Nico Schlotterbeck – Borussia Dortmund

German defender Nico Schlotterbeck has been a revelation for Borussia Dortmund in this season’s Champions League. With eleven attempted tackles, Schlotterbeck has showcased his defensive prowess, winning all eleven duels.

His tenacity, coupled with his ability to read the game, has made him a vital cog in Dortmund’s defensive setup.

Ronald Araujo – Barcelona

Uruguayan center-back Ronald Araujo has been a defensive linchpin for Barcelona in the Champions League. With three attempted tackles, Araujo has yet to be dribbled past, winning all three challenges.

His athleticism, composure, and ability to thwart opposition attacks have been instrumental in Barcelona’s European campaign.

In a competition known for its attacking flair and spectacle, these five center-backs have stood out for their defensive resilience and reliability. As the Champions League progresses, their contributions will be pivotal in shaping the fortunes of their respective teams on the grand stage of European football.

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