Terrifying moment lightning bolt strikes Air Canada plane just seconds after take-off (video)

A shocking video has emerged showing the moment lightning bolt hit a Boeing 777 just after it took off.


The Air Canada plane was flying from Vancouver to London Heathrow on Sunday night, March 3. It was meant to leave at 7.25pm and the trip was going to take 10 hours.


But as the big plane went down the runway and into the sky, there was a bright flash as the plane was hit by lightning as soon as it started flying.


Ethan West, a student pilot, caught the terrifying moment on camera.


“I saw that there was a 777-300 taking off that was going to be heading for London Heathrow, and the 777 is one of my favorite aircraft and is like the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world, so I thought it’d be interesting to snap a quick video of it because it’s super loud,” he said to CityNews Vancouver.


He was stunned when the lightning hit, and he wondered if the large bolt would damage the plane. But the plane kept flying without any issue.


It was checked when it landed in London, according to Global News, and it seemed to be okay.


Watch video below.


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