Singer Bad Bunny files lawsuit against fan for posting concert footage on YouTube

Singer Bad Bunny has filed a lawsuit against a fan for reportedly posting unauthorized concert footage on a YouTube account.


In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Bad Bunny claimed a man named Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone posted full song performances on the YouTube channel he runs, MADforliveMUSIC.


The singer said Garrone turned up for his February 21 concert in Salt Lake City, Utah and recorded multiple videos of his live performance, uploading the footage to his YouTube channel.


Bad Bunny stated that he owns the rights to the live performance music and Garrone did not have his authorization or consent to record and post them online for people to watch for free.


He said Garrone is using his name and music to draw eyeballs to the YouTube channel, thus taking views and ad revenue away from his own official YouTube page.


Bad Bunny also revealed that he tried to issue standard takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as DMCA, demanding YouTube remove Garrone’s videos.


He said YouTube took down the videos but Garrone filed a counterclaim to get them back up, leaving him with no choice but to file the lawsuit.


Bad Bunny wants an injunction barring Garrone from posting the footage online, plus either a flat $150,000 for each of the videos posted or any actual damages he can show he suffered from the postings.

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