Russian rapist-killer pardoned by Putin to fight in Ukraine despite hacking off his victim

A convicted rapist and killer freed and pardoned by Vladimir Putin to fight in his war against Ukraine has been jailed again, and this time for the brutal murder of a 22-year-old woman.



42-year-old Tsyren-Dorzhi Tsyrenzhapov was previously sentenced for killing and dismembering Ekaterina Skvortsova, 18, and throwing her severed head from a 12th-floor window.



Despite his crime, President Putin pardoned him. 



Soon after completing six months in the war, and being released from military duty, he killed the woman, 22, in Siberian village Ugdan. 



Chita District Court sentenced Tsyrenzhapov to 14 years in a maximum security penal colony. 



Tsyrenzhapov was among the thousands of murderers, rapists, and hardened criminals that have been released into Russian society after serving in Putin’s army. Reports indicate that dozens have committed new crimes upon their return home.



Details of his earlier case were revealed, when he killed Ekaterina Skvortsova, described as a striptease club waitress.



The evil killer threw some of Ekaterina’s dismembered body into a local river. The next day, he hurled her severed head along with other body parts and her bloodstained clothes out of a 12th-floor window in his rented flat.



The body part was seen by playing children and teenagers. 



Local schoolboy Igor Shalaev, then 15, said: ‘It was me and my friends who found the body parts. It was very scary.’



The victim’s mother Svetlana Skvortsova, 48, told how she went to identify the body at a morgue.



‘I went in, and saw this cart full of lumps of meat,’ she said. ‘My legs were like jelly. I did not understand anything.



‘They could have put her on a table and covered the body parts with a sheet. It was completely inhumane to see her like this.’



She and her ex-husband Igor paid £215 for the gruesome body parts to be sewn together for her funeral.



Tsyrenzhapov had served less than three years of a 14-year prison term when Putin released him to fight in Ukraine.

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