Sisi Quadri

Several reactions have continued to pour in over the viral video of the late popular actor, Sisi Quadri, just hours before his demise on Friday.

Recall that the late actor died on Friday at 44.

Hours after his death, a video of the actor expressing deep frustration towards the attitude of medical staff at a hospital regarding his health issues surfaced on the internet.

In the video, Sisi Quadri was seen sharing his concerns about the series of medical tests performed on him.

He vehemently asserted that he felt fine until these tests were conducted, and expressed disappointment that his complaints were not taken seriously by the medical staff.

“You have not taken me seriously since I came to this hospital. You have done a series of tests yet none of the results were given to me. No one is telling me what the results or the problem is,” he had said.

The viral video has fueled a wave of outrage among Nigerians, who voiced their discontent over the state of the country’s healthcare system.

@Lion_Heart_OT; “Our hospitals really need to do better. It is so sad that things like this happen all the time; we only know about a few ones that we see online. RIP Sisi Quadri.”

@Sammy_jay140; “If they never use one of these hospitals to do scapegoat,the rest won’t get sense.”

@2705Dahjoy; “None of the hospitals have been made to face justice all this while, some of the government hospitals are worse.”

@adeniyis734; “Our hospital has killed a lot even more than the death itself, and it will continue like that because they have no feelings for human life.”

@MedXey; “Yes there is always destiny, but believe me a lot of people have died due to Nigeria’s poor medical hospitals.”

@Big_Ben_21; “Speaking of Nigeria, hospitals need serious reforms, many of them are not being managed properly.”

Watch the video below:


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