Young girl becomes a viral sensation for praying by roadside


A young Nigerian girl sets tongues wagging on social media over her decision to stop and pray by the roadside during time for prayer.

A video garnering tons of reactions captured the moment a Muslim girl disregarded the environment she found herself to observe a prayer.


Young girl becomes a viral sensation for praying by roadside


The child dropped her school bag and neglected passersby while focusing on the sound from a nearby mosque in honour of the Friday Jumat prayer.

The video has since stirred speculations from social media users who quizzed on her safety while others simply applauded her dedication to her religion.

Reactions trailing viral video of a young girl praying by roadside

olawunmilives said: “This is beautiful Buh wrong at same time. May Almighty Allah guide her!”

fashdbadguy1 stated: “I’m a Christian and I can tell you all Islamic religion is the most respected religion ❤️ I see no crime or wrongs in what she’s doing ✌️.”

u.n.d.e.r.a.t.e.d said: “The Day I Respect the Religion ISLAM was when I saw my friend doing Abolution with Sand because the water got finished and it is not good to miss Jummah Prayers and Pray it alone later. Even me as a Christian I dey go church 1hr to closing time.”

thisleksam said: “That’s bad, on the road and in a dirty area, even God said do not worship me on the road or open places.”

Watch the video below …



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