AFCON 2023: Full Prize Money Breakdown Across All Rounds

Africa’s best will contest for the highest prize money in AFCON history, but who will be taking away the most money.

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 marks a significant milestone in African football, not just in terms of the sporting spectacle but also regarding the financial rewards involved.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has taken a bold step to increase the prize money by 40%, a move that resonates with its vision to elevate the stature of the tournament and motivate teams to showcase their best performances, as per Africa News

Detailed Breakdown of Prize Money Allocation

Winner’s Reward: Receiving USD 7 million, the winning team of AFCON 2023 will experience a notable financial leap. This increase from previous editions underlines the enhanced prestige and recognition the tournament has garnered over the years.

Runner-up incentive: The team finishing second will also enjoy a substantial financial reward of USD 4 million. This significant sum is a testament to the importance CAF places on competitive excellence and sportsmanship.


Senegal are the defending AFCON champions (IMAGO/Sebastian Frej)


Semi-finalists’ prize: Recognition extends to the semi-final stage, with each team earning USD 2.5 million. This prize acknowledges the teams’ journey and success in reaching the advanced stages of the tournament.

Quarter-finalists’ earnings: The financial incentives also reach teams that make it to the quarter-finals, with each receiving USD 1.3 million. This ensures that the journey to the latter stages of AFCON is financially rewarding and recognises the efforts of a broader range of teams.

CAF’s Vision for football development and impact

According to Africazine, CAF’s strategy for increasing prize money is multifaceted. It’s not just about rewarding the teams but also about investing in the future of African football.

Enhancing Football Infrastructure: A significant portion of the prize money is earmarked for developing football infrastructure in participating nations. This initiative is aimed at improving training facilities, stadiums, and other necessary infrastructure to nurture talent and elevate the game’s standard.


CAF President Patrice Motsepe - Credit: IMAGO


Supporting member associations: The increased funds play a crucial role in aiding member associations in their administrative and developmental activities. This support is vital for the sustainable growth of football at the grassroots and national levels across Africa.

The anticipation and impact of AFCON 2023

The tournament, scheduled in Ivory Coast, is not just a competition for the coveted trophy but also a celebration of African football’s progress and potential. The increased prize money:

Boosts Team Morale and Motivation: Teams are more motivated to perform, knowing that their efforts can lead to substantial financial rewards.


AFCON 2023 logo - Credit: CAF/X


Enhances the Competitive Spirit: The financial stakes contribute to a more competitive and thrilling tournament as teams push themselves to achieve higher accolades.

Reflects Growing Global Interest: The increase in prize money is also a response to the growing global interest in African football. This interest has translated into better sponsorship deals and more significant investments, further contributing to the development of the sport on the continent.

The AFCON 2023 serves as a beacon for the future of African football. The increased prize money is a stepping stone towards greater achievements and signifies CAF’s commitment to elevating the game in Africa. It not only rewards the current generation of players but also paves the way for future talents to thrive in an environment that values and supports their aspirations.

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