NFL star Von Miller counters domestic violence claim; say it is

Buffalo Bills superstar, Von Miller has pushed back against the domestic violence case against him, claiming it is fabricated.


Miller was accused of pushing and shoving his GF, before putting his hands around her neck following a dispute over travel plans. In a 911 audio, Miller’s alleged victim can be heard telling an operator, “My boyfriend was choking me, hitting me, pulling my hair.”


“I have bruises all over me,” she added in the call, before saying she had “some blood on me.”


Miller however sat in front of media members for over 10 minutes on Thursday, December 28, to explain his side of the story, roughly one month after he was thrown behind bars for allegedly roughing up his pregnant girlfriend during a bye-week argument in Dallas.


He repeated over and over again that he did not put his hands on his girlfriend. He said;


“All of it is incorrect. All of it is untrue. Never in any of my relationships that I’ve been in, never in my current relationship with my girlfriend, did any of those things happen. It is 100 percent false,” he added. “It’s overblown. All I can say is it’s just a matter of time before everything gets set straight”.


Miller who has been allowed to play for the Bills despite the allegations, has not been criminally charged in the case as an investigation remains ongoing.


As for his relationship now with his girlfriend, Miller said, “Everything is normal.”

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