Following the response of Steve Varsano, founder of Jet business to car influencer, Ola of Lagos on his private jet post, Nigerians have made diverse comments and thrilling reactions.

A X user, Success said “he shouldn’t be doing airplane review. He knows cars not planes. Someone doing plane review would take u round the insides of that plane, showcasing & explaining everything making u want 2fly with them.”

Another called Comment observer, also said, “You people don’t know what Ola of Lagos is doing. He added his own commission. Oyinbo doesnt know about commission in Nigeria, now.”

Many defend him, they say the post was an advert not a review like Steve said and that he is an influencer, his job is to market not fix or control the prices dictated to him.

Others however scorn him and mock him. They say he is used to calling exorbitant amounts on products he advertises. Many urge that he better do his study before influencing for a brand next time.

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