A lady has taken to TikTok to share the emotional moment her father came to her crib to apologize to her mother.

She revealed that her father and mother had had a fight at their home and her mom packed up some of her things and came to live for the time being at her place.

However, the father, being a hopeless romantic, came begging in a sweet way.

He was seen holding up two skewers of grilled meat, trying to playfully coerce her into collecting one and forgiving him.

Later scenes showed that the mother eventually gave in and forgave him.

See video below;

See reactions below;

@Stephanie said: “I wish I grew up seeing this kin love😔, I thought WWE was common until I saw other homes 🥺”

@HB♾❤️ commented: “The fact that he bought her suya 😂🤭”

@Ur bf crush💕😜 noted: “Rich man pikin no know Wetin God do for am 😩”

@Fhayfhay✨🦋 said: “Mummy doing as if it’s not sweeting her😂😂”

@Mila Favour Enyinkem replied: “Somebody that ate the suya and followed her husband back home the next day 🙂”

@Oluwasemilore💋🥰✅ opined: “That is because the man put his ego aside and say sorry first that is the key to long marriage”

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