President William Ruto during a media roundtable on June 30, 2024

President William Ruto spent part of Friday afternoon engaging with Kenyans on X and responding to questions raised on his administration with Kenyans giving their verdict on the conversation.

While many were impressed with the engagement, some opined that the engagement fell short of their expectation as there was nothing tangible that came out of it, except for the promises of action that they have become accustomed to.

Others demanded that the President should fire incompetent members of his Cabinet and replace them with qualified Kenyans.

Some accused the President of lying and helping in covering up for killings allegedly done by the police at the height of the @RejectFinanceBill protests.

Protestors opposing the Finance Bill 2024 in Nairobi

The explanation by the President that the police service is an independent entity free from political interference failed to convince some who noted that he is the appointing authority to the Inspector General of Police and should act in instances when police go against the constitution.

Some netizens praised the President for engaging the youth, noting that his commitment to embracing dialogue is genuine.

Popular social media influencer Osama Otero who commands a sizeable following on X also found himself on the receiving end with netizens bashing him for hosting the President.

Kevin Monari alias Osama Otero

Osama who had earlier on maintained that he would hold a Space intended to parallel the President’s own Space made a U-turn at the last minute, catching many by surprise.

Shortly after Ruto’s Space kicked off, Otero quickly admitted the President and State House spokesperson Hussein Mohammed and allowed them to address members, much to the chagrin of some netizens.

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