19-year-old wife flaunts lunch for husband on first day at new job

A young wife documents the effort put into preparing lunch, a combo of bread and noodles for her darling husband who was resuming a newly landed job.

A TikTok user identified as @tobi_lobad took to the video-sharing platform to share a highlight of her day as a pregnant woman.


19-year-old wife flaunts lunch for husband on first day at new job


The 19-year-old wife revealed that morning sickness due to her pregnancy state hindered her from making her man a proper meal, hence, devised an alternative option.

The lady made noodles for her husband with an extra amount of spices while adding a few slices of bread, all packed in the same food flask.

“My love language is cooking for my baby❤️😍,” she captioned the video.

Reactions as wife cooks noodles and bread for husband

DÀDÁ OF LAGOS said: “Bread and noodles 🤌🏾. Packing noodles in a cooler? The noodles will take the shape after a while🤌🏾🤌🏾. Salt in noodles 🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾.”

FǍĦЕ penned: “Babe you traumatized me. I was at work thinking it was rice but it was noodles that already took the shape of the cooler 😔.”

lekwaamarachi noted: “You’re a wicked wife o😂… indomie and bread?💔 His work wife will definitely laugh at his lunch ooo.”

Jomiloju❤️ quizzed: “your husband na secondary school student???😂💀.”

Watch the video below …



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