Yar’Adua declared assets worth ₦856,452,892, including ₦19 million belonging to his wife, and liabilities amounting to ₦88,793,269.77. His action fulfilled a promise he made before his election and aimed to set a standard for other Nigerian politicians, promoting transparency and combating corruption.

Yar'Adua, an embodiment of patriotism - Obi

Even before his presidential aspiration, Yar’Adua had established this practice in 1999 when he publicly declared his assets upon taking office as Governor of Katsina State. He continued this tradition when re-elected in 2003.

Although elected officials in Nigeria are expected to declare their assets upon assuming office, when re-elected, and after completing of their tenure, many politicians fail to comply or provide dishonest declarations. Yar’Adua’s example was intended to encourage consistent transparency among public officeholders.

TODAY IN HISTORY: President Musa Yar'Adua Publicly Reveals Details of His Assets


Despite repeated demands from Nigerians for elected officials to do the needful, many past and current political officeholders refused to declare their assets which is a deviation from the historic example set by Yar’Adua who died in 2010 while still in office. Even after his death, many Nigerians still cherish the legacies of Yar’Adua and his exemplary actions.

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