Tesla recalls new Cybertruck pickup for the 4th time

Tesla is recalling the Cybertruck pickup for the fourth time since it was launched late last year to fix problems with windshield wipers that could fail.


The recall, announced in documents sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each affects more than 11,000 trucks. Tesla said its staff first noticed problems with the windshield wipers in February.

“On affected vehicles, the front windshield wiper motor controller may stop functioning due to electrical overstress to the gate driver component,” the EV maker said in documents to the NHTSA.

A wiper that fails can cut visibility, increasing the risk of a crash, the company added.

In the other recall, a trim piece along the truck bed can come loose and fly off, creating a hazard for other motorists.

Tesla says in documents that the trim piece is installed with adhesive, and that may not have been done properly at the factory.

Tesla will replace the wiper motor and replace or rework the trim piece so that it stays on at no cost to owners. Owners will be notified of both recalls and respective remedies by letter on August 18.

Together, the recalls mark the fourth time Tesla has recalled the stainless steel-clad Cybertruck since it went on sale on November 30, 2023.

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