Everybody can enjoy the Eid-l Kabir with a sacrifice.

Usually, during Sallah, the cost of Ram skyrockets far beyond the savings of many Muslims. Although Ram is the most popular Sallah Sacrifice, there are other animals – usually ignored and cheaper – that faithfuls can use for sacrifice and receive rewards from Allah.

Eid-l Kabir, according to the teachings of Islam is associated to animal sacrifice. Its origin from the time of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) in Quran chapter 37 verse 102-107.

Various rewards are attached to the animals used for sacrifice during this period of Layya.

Here are the six animals allowed for sacrifice in Islam, according to the reward they attract when used as Layya sacrifice.

Ram – Sacrifice with Ram attract highest reward. It Is recommended that one should use Ram for the sacrifice provided he can afford it.

Sheep – If you cannot afford the ram, Sheep is next to Ram in reward.

He-Goat – The He-Goat is next in the hierarchy of rewards. It attracts reward a little lower than the Sheep.  A recent market survey suggests that in Nigeria, a cheap goat that can make a sacrifice goes for between N7,000 and N10,000  which relatively is affordable compared to Rams that sell for as high as N100,000 each.

She-Goat – If you cannot afford the He-Goat, the She-Goat is next.

Cow – the Cow is next in the hierarchy of reward after She-Goat even though it is bigger and more expensive than the Ram, Sheep and Goats. It is lawful for seven people to join funds to acquire one Cow for sacrifice. The will be rewarded as well.

Camel – If you are in Hajj, the sacrifice with Camel attracts more reward followed by the Cow then the Ram. For those not performing Hajj, a Camel sacrifice receive the lowest of reward in terms of Layya. Mind you, the Camel is the most expensive of all the animals allowed for sacrifice.

Islam recommends all the animals above for sacrifice. Anyone you are able to buy and slaughter for sacrifice, you will be adequately rewarded.

“you can go for a cheaper and recommended animals like the sheep, He goat, she goat which are relatively cheaper than the Ram,” Sheikh Mohammed Bello Lawal, the Imam of Barnawa Central Mosque, Kaduna, told PREMIUM TIMES.
Other cheaper ways

Sacrifice is an act of worship (‘ibadah). As we have the times of prayers so we also have time for making a sacrifice during `Eid Al-Kabir. The time of Layya sacrifice runs until sunset on the 12th day Dhul-Hijjah.That is the sunset of the third day after Sallah.
Within this three days window, the price of all the animals for sacrifice must have drastically dropped, due to decrease in demand. So if you are unable to buy any of the animals during the rush hour, do not panic, take advantage of the long window of sacrifice.

“Also to mention, the sacrifice is not mandatory for one who cannot afford any of the above.” Sheikh Mohammad Bello Lawal said.

Go, be happy, everybody can enjoy the Eid with a sacrifice.

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