FBI arrests three bank robbery suspects between the ages�of�11�and�16

The FBI has announced the arrests of three minors accused of carrying out a bank robbery in Texas.

This comes days after the Houston branch of the FBI took to X on to share photos of three young boys suspected of robbing a Wells Fargo bank in the city’s Greenspoint suburb. In the post, the bureau referred to the suspects as “little rascals.”


“Recognize these ‘little rascals’? Believe it or not, they just robbed the Wells Fargo at 10261 North Freeway,” the post read. “If you know who and where they are contact police immediately or @crimestophou at 713-222-TIPS.”


FBI arrests three bank robbery suspects between the ages�of�11�and�16

In the post were three security images taken from the bank showing the underage suspects. One could be seen up close, wearing a white hoodie, while the two others could be seen in the other photos wearing black or dark blue hoodies. While the other two had their hoods up, one of the boys in a dark hoodie had his down, showing a bright green lining on the inside of the hood and black hair.


According to a report from ABC 13 Houston, witnesses told authorities that the boys appeared to be between the ages of 14 and 18, and had escaped from the bank on foot. It was not reported how much money, the suspects were able to make off with.


On Tuesday, the FBI once again took to X to confirm that the “little rascals” had been. They were confirmed to be ages 11, 12, and 16, younger than was initially estimated by witnesses, but due to the nature of the way crimes allegedly committed by minors are handled, no other details about their identities have been disclosed.

FBI arrests three bank robbery suspects between the ages�of�11�and�16

“All three bank robbery suspects known as the ‘little rascals’ are in custody,” the post from Tuesday read. “They are 11, 12, and 16-year-old boys charged locally with robbery by threat. Because they are juveniles, their names, and no additional details will be released.”

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